Summer Fun, Summer Heat, Pergola's for All Your Needs

Summer Fun, Summer Heat, Pergola’s For All Your Needs.

Summer is coming and so is the heat of an overbearing sun. There are many ways to escape the heat this summer and we are here to make it easier, from small pergolas for intimate family reunions to large ones for professional establishments we can guarantee that we have a pergola to suite your needs. We are dedicated to providing you the knowledge, articles, and information needed for you to make the right decisions; by doing this we hope to ensure an unparalleled level of customer service. We have a variety of design options in stock and we are always looking to buy more plans.  Pergolas have a long history functionally speaking, the first pergolas were spotted over 3,000 years ago in the ancient Egyptian temples, since then pergolas have gone through many structural changes but have maintained the same function of providing shade for people on hot days.

What are Pergolas Anyway?

Pergolas are outdoor wooden structures made with beams, often they have both climbing and resting vines in order to provide shade between the wooden beams as well as providing naturally cooling effects. Over the years the designs and building materials have changed but that same basic function has always stayed true and as a result there are many different designs that cater to anybodies aesthetic choices, whether you would like hardwoods or are a bigger fan of canvass there is a Pergola for you. The pergola provides an excellent alternative to traditional sun protection by substituting a solid roof with natural leafs and vines, allowing you to feel like they are in a garden when in fact you are sitting on your back porch.

Why Pergolas?

Pergolas, unlike other shading systems, provide more freedom of aesthetic choice for consumers. Customers can get a pergola made to their exact specifications, from building materials to dimensions of the structure, everything is held to a greater level customization to ensure that the customer knows what they are getting, how they are getting it, and where it is going to be built.  From collapsible to fixed, there is no doubt that we can find a pergola that meets your needs.

Contact us!

We are always looking for new pergola design plans, if you or anyone you know has any suggestions, thoughts, opinions, or design plans we would love to hear from you. You can reach us through our Email Me page located here.