Freestanding or attached? Tips to choosing the perfect Pergola

So you’ve made the decision, you’re ready to take your backyard or commercial property to the next step, you want a Pergola Kit.

Now comes the fun part, deciding the ins and the outs of your soon-to-be landscaping marvel. Whether you’re looking for an architectural spectacle or simply a functional outdoor space, choosing your own pergola can be a tad daunting.

In order to make that process a little easier, lets separate the two main types of Pergolas, Freestanding and Attached- each with their own advantages and differences.

Freestanding Pergolas

Everything you need to know about free-standing pergolas can be found in the name. This type of Pergola is not attached to any structure, simply standing up wherever you choose.

  • Price: If you’re looking for the cheaper option, its quite clear- Freestanding is the way to go. Choosing this type of pergola can save you a considerable chunk of change.
  • Construction: Building a freestanding pergola allows for an easy, simple, following of directions provided in a pergola kit. Since the entire pergola comes manufactured and ready for your assembly, construction of your very own freestanding pergola can take you and a friend or family member less than a day or two. As one would imagine, though, support and ensuring the posts are adequately positioned is very important. Unlike an attached pergola, a freestanding one can not depend on a structure for support.

Attached Pergolas

Have a nice backyard deck? Looking for a nice outside area or room for your home or business? An attached pergola can be perfect for the man or women looking to create the perfect outdoor extension of their home or work. Just as the name implies, these elegant pergolas are attached right to any type of structure.

  • Price:
    As noted above attached pergolas tend to carry a bit higher of a price tag.
  • Construction: Anytime you are attaching a pergola to your house, or any type of structure for that matter, its vital to take your time and ensure that you have gone through all the vital precautions. Opposed to freestanding pergolas, attached ones provide for more strength and sturdiness, given it is attached to a structure.



With these tips in mind you’re well on your way to finding the perfect pergola for any event or function, and with the video below you can start to think of all the ways to decorate your new purchase.