Our Friends

Our Friends.

DIY is a passion to create unique and personal structures and gadgets that capture one’s imagination, it is our sincere pleasure to include these useful resources to our readers.

  • DIY Project Ideas – A blog dedicated to inspiring all of us intrepid DIYer’s
  • List of beginner needs – A simple blog entry about the ten essentials for DIY’n
  • DIY kids toys – For the loving parent on a budget, keep your kids entertained with these nifty DIY toys
  • DIY Pergolas – A list of Pergola designs and supplies needed for the handyman who loves to work on their yard
  • DIY science experiments/Life hacks – Simple blog with step by step walk through’s ranging from DIY crossbows to life hacks for improving your emails defenses against phishing attacks.
  • Office DIY projects to Improve Efficiency – A list of 40 easy DIY ideas to improve workplace organization and efficiency.
  • DIY Raspberry Pi Projects (computer) – A nice computer DIY ¬†list ranging from beginner to advanced projects, guaranteed to teach you a thing or two.
  • Gardening DIY – a list of 65 gardening DIY projects to help organize, maintain, and make your garden more efficient
  • Quality time with the Kids – A great list of DIY crafts that you can do with your kids as a fun family project.
  • DIY gifts – A list of the best DIY projects to get that special someone a gift at a reasonable price.

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